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Cady St. Clair



Hey there! My names Cady. I’m originally from Santa Cruz, California and I have had the pleasure of calling Portland my home for the past six years. I’ve been in the hair industry for coming up on nine years, I love anything from long hair to tight fades and everything in between. I love this industry because it gives me an opportunity to build real trusting relationships with people I wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise, honing in on what a client is looking for and working together to achieve that goal is my favorite. Outside of work I enjoy hanging with my cats, playing video games, and I am also a huge plant nerd, they bring me a ton of joy and I love sharing that with folks! My main goal in life is to positively impact as many people as I can and to always provide a safe space to those around me. No matter what walk of life you come from you are always welcome in my chair. Cheers!


Mike Harrington

Hi, welcome! I'm Mike. We've always had clippers at home (have you seen the pilot to Malcolm in the Middle (2000), where they're giving Bryan Cranston his monthly shave down? That's basically my Dad) but I didn't get into barbering professionally until 2018. I specialize in shorter clipper cuts and styles, but my shears are always ready to tackle longer lengths.
I once studied art at FSU, I've served coffee at that chain that's on every corner and most recently I poured drinks at the Eagle Portland. Barbering combines the things I love: an eye for detail, working with my hands, and meeting a variety of people I otherwise wouldn't encounter.
Even before Covid, I was a bit of a homebody. I love Portland winters because I can stay inside to read, bake and watch cooking shows. Summers are spent riding my motorcycle and hiking trails in beautiful Oregon. 


Maclain Bartley


Owner/ Barber

Hello! My name is Maclain, I am the proud owner and operator of Too Sweet Barbershop!

I opened this shop with the sole intention of making a queer dedicated space that people of all lengths, textures and styles could feel comfortable to get serviced. I feel grateful every day to be able to offer this space to our community and help create a dedicated space for queers of all ages.

I have always been drawn to being creative with my hands so barbering naturally fell into a career path. Working with people and giving a listening ear has always been a passion of mine and cutting allows me to to offer that to my clients! I am incredibly inspired by Queer Eye and the journey of finding the style that fits you best. 

For a little about me and what I do outside of the barbershop, I am a HUGE Dungeons & Dragons fan. I DM multiple games, paint miniatures and love roleplaying games! If I'm not playing D&D, you can catch me on nature trails enjoying the plants and trees of the world.

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